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"The experience of musical expression & creation belongs to everyone"


Tavonna Miller

Musical Community Advocate

"Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, I was inspired by the community development corporations, non-profits, and free or low-cost theatre and music programs that gave our community more access to scholarship, education, performance, and professional opportunity. My grandmother also instilled values regarding the importance of community care by living a lifestyle of regular volunteering. She fed the homeless and provided music programming to nursing homes and hospitals. As an adult, it is my honor to carry forward the value of community care as a lifestyle with my volunteer work with the non-profits, The Heart of Jazz and Musicians On Call."

The Heart of Jazz

Advisory Council Board Member

 It's my honor to serve as an Advisory Council Board Member sharing from my experience as a music educator to help guide a powerful mission to bring college scholarship to young jazz musicians.

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Musicians On Call

Volunteer Performing Musician

I enjoy my work volunteering once a month to help with a mission to bring performing musicians to the bedsides of hospital patients.

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