What ages do you teach? Do you prefer one age group over another?

 I teach ages 6 years old and up for piano; 9 years old and up for voice.



What ability levels do you teach?

 For Voice, all levels; for Piano Beginner and Beginner Accompaniment



What musical styles do you teach in lessons? I don’t really like classical music. Can you just teach me to sing or play my favorite songs from the radio?

For voice, I teach all styles with exception of Opera and Metal Rock. For piano, Beginner's is typically and mildly classical for the children (depending on piano book used) and beginning accompaniment on piano, I teach any genre with the exception of accompaniment for Opera.



I am a beginner on piano or voice and don’t know how to read music. Is this a problem?

No! If you are a piano student, I will have to teach you to read. If you are a voice student, you can decide whether or not you want to learn as reading is VERY helpful for a vocalist, but not necessarily essential for short-term lessons on performance and technique.



Where do you give your lessons?

From my home studio in Boston, MA



Based on a past experience with another teacher I’m concerned that there might be distractions in a home studio. I had a bad experience with a previous teacher and almost quit playing. I’m afraid this will happen again. What can you say about this?

I don't have any pets and my phone is always on silent so there won't be any distractions!



I’m a beginner piano player. Should I rent or buy my instrument? Where?

You should definitely buy! Guitar Center is a great place to buy a keyboard but also check out other local instrument stores.



Would it be possible to meet you before signing up for piano or voice lessons?

Sure! I'm defintely open to a free over-the-phone consultation once you email that you are interested!



My spouse/friend/sibling/parent/child plays piano and I sing. We want someone to help us learn to play together. Is this something we can work on?

Absolutely! I am happy to coach on intonation, rhythm, & musicality as a duo! 



Would you ever give parent/child lessons, or lessons with siblings or friends who want to learn together?




When do you schedule lessons?

Most likely in the early part of the week but contact me via email to find out what my current availability is.


My work/class schedule varies or I sometimes have last minute obligations. Is this a problem with scheduling?

 Most likely. If you only need to reschedule no more than once every 2 months, I can probably work around it. By students paying by the month or more & coming once a week at the same, I am able to maintain a regular schedule of teaching that works with my schedule as an independent recording artist & songwriter. I am always open to booking a make-up lesson when last minute changes occure, however, this may not always be possible with the other things I have going on and I do not provide refunds for missed lessons. If you anticipate a lot of movement in your schedule and your ability to commit, I encourage you to wait until there is room in your schedule to commit at least for a month of weekly lessons with little disruption 



How do your live online voice/piano lessons via Skype work?

 The same way my in person lessons work except we are not in th same room!